Parent Coaching

There are times when we parents run out of energy and ideas to deal with family difficulties. The solution is always there in us, but instead of finding ways out, our swirling thoughts are constantly taking us back into the same vortex.

This is when a Parent Coach can help

who will effectively assist you to find the root of the problem, why it happened, and the steps needed to make changes so that you can truly be the parent you want as soon as possible.

Cecilia Tarkovacs
Early Years Expert, Parent Coach

How can parent coaching help?

Being a parent is a constant change that is not always easy to cope with on your own. Together, however, you can get through the ordeal easier, faster, and more effectively.

During my 5 years long work experience as an Early Years Teacher, I have found that institutional education hardly provides opportunities to support parents. My goal is to be able to help the children through supporting their parents. Therefore I did all my international studies and work according to this. In our coaching sessions, you will gain a comprehensive view of early childhood development and modern parenting principles, which will strengthen your parental confidence.

Parents’ Feedback

We did not feel like it was a lesson

We did not feel like it was a lesson to be the perfect parent but on the contrary, a help to take control and be relaxed about parenting, in order to help us achieve what we believe is good for our children.


It was the best investments in my life

Cecilia has always been very approachable and made us feel comfortable to share our experiences, questions and thoughts. We have learned valuable knowledge on how children behave and how to respond to these natural behaviors. To think about ourselves as parents and as individuals is very helpful too.


We found it really helpful

Cecilia was brilliant. Made us feel relaxed and at ease. It was really easy to talk to her, and didn’t feel silly or judged for asking certain questions. We found it really helpful and useful.


A session with me can help you

Becoming more confident

Daring to learn new things

To get to know the case of behaviors

To find the harmony with your child

To expand your parental toolkit

To become the parent you truly want to

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