Kidwingz – parenting support at Early Years

Are you tired of tantrums? Of self-doubt? Do you want to be more confident and prepared?

You are not alone.

You are not alone with these feelings, nor do you have to deal with them alone. Parenting is full of challenges, and together we can get over it more easily, quickly, and effectively.


We often think seeking help in parenting means the admission of our failure as parents.

However it is exactly the opposite. Being open to learning new parenting skills will strengthen our intuitions we already have, and will light up new approaches which could help us to create a deeper and even stronger connection with our children, in the long term.

What I can help you with

Becoming more confident

My goal is for all parents to receive support from the first years that will make them more informed and confident

Finding the harmony

My goal is for each parent to find harmony in their own parenting role so they can also feel good in their own skin.

Daring to learn new things

One of the most important characteristics of parenting is to dare to open up, ask questions, and learn new things about parenting.

Extending your parenting toolkit

Not only the usual and known tools can be used in parenting. I will help you find the right tools for you and your child.

Knowing the cause of behaviors

We need to know the vital pillars of child development and the causes of behaviors in order to parent effectively.

To become the parent you truly want to

I help you become the kind of parent you really want to be, instead of the one that parenting can sometimes bring out of you which you most likely regret after.

How I can help you?


Parent Coaching in person

Is your family struggling with a personal difficulty and running out of ideas? Do you only want a one-time conversation with a professional? Or do you want someone to accompany you down the road to reach your goal? I am at your disposal!


Online Parent Coaching

It’s not always easy to find time and solve logistics to meet in person therefore I offer you to meet online and get to the practical level ASAP.


6-week Online Parenting Workshop

Do you want to prepare in advance for the challenges of early childhood? Do you want to understand your child’s behavior and expand your kit with the right parenting tools? Then this program is for you!

Parents’ Feedback

We did not feel like it was a lesson

We did not feel like it was a lesson to be the perfect parent but on the contrary, a help to take control and be relaxed about parenting, in order to help us achieve what we believe is good for our children.


It was the best investments in my life

Cecilia has always been very approachable and made us feel comfortable to share our experiences, questions and thoughts. We have learned valuable knowledge on how children behave and how to respond to these natural behaviors. To think about ourselves as parents and as individuals is very helpful too.


We found it really helpful

Cecilia was brilliant. Made us feel relaxed and at ease. It was really easy to talk to her, and didn’t feel silly or judged for asking certain questions. We found it really helpful and useful.